WAME Joins Forces with Chainlink in Groundbreaking Web3 Collaboration

WAME Joins Forces with Chainlink in Groundbreaking Web3 Collaboration

In a landmark move for the Web3 ecosystem, WAME has been selected as the first and only Decentralized Identity (DID) team in Chainlink's Build Program. This collaboration marks a significant step in WAME's mission to empower participants in the Web3 space to earn and transact within a thriving ecosystem.

WAME is revolutionizing the Web3 landscape by creating a platform where users can construct their digital profiles using blockchain-recorded experiences and transactions. Our platform facilitates trust-based transactions with cryptocurrency, capitalizing on a growing global user community, which now surpasses 14,000.

In particular, WAME is paving the way for domestic and global gaming companies to enter the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Recognizing the nascent nature of Web3 games, which differ significantly from traditional Web2 games, WAME's expertise is crucial for optimized market entry and user acquisition. The active wallet usage in the GameFi sector, comprising half of the global active wallets, underscores the high participation rate in this domain.

Chainlink, the world's leading provider of oracle services, connects blockchain data with real-world data, enhancing usability. In the era of Chainlink 2.0, efforts to expand the ecosystem are intensifying. WAME's development team plans to leverage Chainlink's Dynamic NFT technology to enable Web3 users to personalize their digital assets in real-time. Furthermore, the use of Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function (VRF) will bring transparency to game participation and probabilities. Additionally, WAME will advance the use of oracle functions, enabling Web3 users to utilize their real-life data sovereignty within a decentralized identity framework.

Eunho Lee, CEO of WAME, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to receive active support from Chainlink's global Web3 network. The market for Web3 activities, especially in developing countries, is rapidly growing, with an estimated 3 million participants generating a market worth over 5 trillion KRW. We aim to provide the easiest and quickest way for Web3 users to create their decentralized profiles, starting with differentiated gaming experiences.”

This strategic partnership with Chainlink signifies WAME's commitment to driving innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem. As we forge ahead, WAME remains dedicated to unlocking the full potential of Web3, starting with the gaming sector and expanding into broader applications. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey towards a more empowered and interconnected digital world.

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