WAME’s Pioneering Path in Web3: Insights from the CMO

As the Chief Marketing Officer at WAME, I’m excited to share our journey, accomplishments, and partnerships that underscore our commitment to revolutionizing the Web3 space. WAME’s vision is anchored in enhancing digital identity and engagement within the blockchain ecosystem, and our recent strides are a testament to this commitment.

1. WAME’s Investment Milestones: A Leap Towards Blockchain Leadership

As a leading force in the blockchain industry, WAME has developed a revolutionary digital ID infrastructure and Smart SBT (SoulBound Token) tagging solution, markedly enhancing user experience in the Web3 environment. Our recent achievement in securing the latest investment highlights the market’s confidence in our technology and potential. This investment accelerates our growth across product development, operations, and market expansion.

2. Chainlink BUILD Program Selection: A First in DID

Our selection in the Chainlink BUILD program, particularly in the DID (Decentralized Identity) domain, marks a significant milestone. WAME is proud to be the first and only entity in this category to be recognized by Chainlink. This partnership enables us to integrate Chainlink’s advanced oracle networks into our offerings, enhancing our digital ID solutions’ security and reliability. It’s a strategic alliance that not only boosts our market presence but also solidifies our technological leadership.

3. Klaytn IOK Partnership: Expanding in the Korean Market

Our collaboration with Klaytn through the IOK (Initial Operating Klaytn) partnership represents a major step in strengthening our foothold in the Korean market. This partnership is a perfect synergy between Klaytn’s robust blockchain network and WAME’s innovative Web3 solutions. It signifies a mutual benefit, enhancing both our capabilities to compete in the Korean and global markets effectively.

4. WAME’s Vision: Shaping the Future of Web3

At WAME, we are driven by a vision to transform the management of digital identities and data ownership in the Web3 world. We aim to empower users to manage their data efficiently and participate meaningfully in the token economy. Our continuous innovation and user-centric approach position us to play a significant role in the Web3 ecosystem.


In conclusion, WAME’s journey is marked by significant investment achievements, strategic partnerships with Chainlink and Klaytn, and a clear vision for the future. These milestones are not just markers of success but stepping stones towards realizing our goal of being a leader in the Web3 space. As the CMO of WAME, I am excited about the future prospects and our continued contribution to the blockchain industry.

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